Software Development in Pakistan

Software Development in Pakistan | Best Services

                We provide the quality product to our customers. We are always focused to made the unique and innovative products to achieve the best customer satisfaction levels. We have expert, experienced and highly qualified software developers in our team. They had lots of experience in their fields and working areas.


Custom Software Development

                We made software’s for our respected clients and customers. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. We focused on repeating trade and reducing complain. We involve customer during the software development phase. We gather all the requirement given by the customer/clients.

Software Outsourcing

                We also offer outsourcing to our clients, if they want a software that’s already developed or their given requirements are very similar to that developed software. In that case, we will made an outsourcing for our customer to save his time. 

Offshore Software Development

                We also develop software for offshore organizations. We made many software’s for foreign companies. We also made many websites for the offshore companies.  

We work with:

We work with following modules.

Financial Accounting System – VB/Oracle/SQL Server

                We made financial accounting and business related software’s. we develop software’s in different languages and use different databases as per the nature of the software under development.

Learning Management framework

                We design and develop learning management framework. Our methods are unique and prefer a learning environment in our organization. We also develop learning management systems.

Systems Re-designing

                If also offer system redesign. If you want to modify and redesign your existing system on that case, you come to the right place. We provide the legal way and there is no copyright issue arises after system redesign. We made flexible products.

Systems Integration

                System integration is the most important and demanding need of present software engineering. Our products are fully integrated and supported by the other software products.

Database Administration

                We have database experts. We best in developing an integrated database. These databases are flexible and faster. We have made databases in Oracle 11g, SQL, SQL plus, M.S Access and many other private databaes.

Application Development and Maintenance

                Application development in also our quality production. We made application in java. We also upload and make SEO of your application on Google Play.

Desktop and Internet Applications

                We have made many desktop as well internet applications. These applications are developed according to the requirements provided by the customer and delivered as per scheduled.

Database Applications

                There are many database applications but we will use the best flexible, reliable and robust application. We will also provide some special databased application made by HOC.